TEC ECOL Cast Iron Motors


TEC’s new range of cast iron motors that have the below features as standard:

  • Energy saving, high efficiency.
  • High starting torques with lower starting current.
  • Versatile and easy to modify, design adapts to a variety of applications.
  • Option of intergrated or removable feet.
  • Option of aluminium housing up to frame size 200.
  • Otion of terminal box location (left, right or top).
  • Option of IE2, IE3, MEPS High and Premium efficiency for IEC standards + NEMA EPACT and Premium efficiency.
  • Full use of the magnetization properties of cold rolled silicone steel in which the stator laminations are magnetized evenly to reduce the temperature rise inside the winding.
  • Dimensional interchangeability (same or shorter than many motors currently offered in the Market.


  • Pumps
  • Water waste and treatment plants.
  • Air compressors, fans.
  • Gear reducers and power transmission.
  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Steel mills.
  • Conveyors.
  • Material handling equipment.
  • Agricultural applications.
  • Mining equipment.
  • Hydraulic equipment.

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